Aria Inventi. 36 characters

Giulia Ponti

Sabrina Cerea

This thesis project aims to investigate the limits and potential of new technologies by exploring the results of professional collaboration between designers and generative artificial intelligence.
The central focus revolves around the extent to which AI can replicate human-like content, emulating human identity and supporting the design profession.
To what extent can AI compete with reality by coming to resemble humans? How can human identity be emulated by AI? How can AI support the design profession? What is the level of autonomy of the machine, what aspects make it recognizable, and how can the designer challenge these limitations?
With these intentions, the project deals with the generation of images, text and audio by making social profiles of a nonexistent designer, with the goal of creating quality and credible content.
The character’s existence is also brought into the physical world through the design and creation of a catalog that collects and presents the designer’s works.
At the same time, the limitations of the project are documented in a journal, which catalogs images discarded during the materialization phase by highlighting errors in the prompt.