The Summer Design Workshop had as its theme the cultural and tourism redevelopment project of the San Silvestro Archeological Mines Park in Campiglia Marittima (LI).

The workshop focused on devising actions and events that can enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area, creating new thematic routes, improving existing ones, and making them accessible to all through sustainable ways of use and information that is readable by the wide audience of possible users.

Around key words such as incisiveness, sustainability, gamification, design for all, territoriality and experience, a research phase was initiated from which well-defined design activities emerged.

As a result, the following were created: routes, services and auxiliary furniture capable of defining maps of experiences to connect visitors with the territory; information totems, coordinated image and communication campaigns capable of building a historical- cultural storytelling of the places.

In the proposed projects, the students faced the a double challenge: the physical dimensions of an articulated space full of evocative places and the three-dimensionality of a space that is the bearer of narratives related to labor, geology, archaeology and, last but not least, naturalistic richness thanks to the variety of its floral-faunal heritage.

The thirty young people, AFAM student-designers selected through a national call for applications, met to imagine the future of these places, motivated by the pleasure of being together to design. All thanks to the innovative capacity of a wise and attentive administration and a population that welcomed the “small student army” with patience, curiosity and participation.