ISIA Faenza

Crisis – Atlante delle emergenze climatiche

Alessandra Coppola

Mauro Bubbico

At a time in history when high temperatures are breaking new records year after year, glaciers are melting faster and faster, and extreme weather events are becoming normality, placing entire communities and ecosystems in a dangerous condition, collective action to counter the climate emergency, to understand what it consists of and what is causing it, is of paramount importance.
This atlas shows how anthropogenic practices, deforestation and food production patterns are altering ecosystems that have been in balance for centuries and depriving wildlife of their habitat, pushing many species to the brink of extinction.
Global warming poses an even more direct threat to the animal, plant and microbial kingdoms, as rising temperatures are testing their adaptability and resilience to the point of dramatic collapse of biodiversity and food chains.
The goal of the project was to combine different images in such a way as to inspire a change in perspective, raise awareness and stimulate a desire to take action, allowing visualization of issues that sometimes even photography cannot capture.