Accademia di Belle Arti Macerata

Curami. Abitare il corpo

Michele Augelli

Daniela Leoni

The Curami project was born out of a reflection on the urgent need to express oneself regarding all that oppresses the individual today: speed, sloppiness, a reprehensible morality.
From these assumptions, the fashion world generates products that, instead of being stereotypes of good looks, become social warnings; a solution must be found, going beyond the makeup that covers the face, to uncover the main face of society: that of the devil.
True to Žižek, we must return to transgressing what he transgressed without knowledge, returning to the time of our bodies, of our distortions.
The Curami project is about returning to the phenomenology and poetry of the body.
The project invites us to understand the true meaning of fashion, its communicative capacity: in fashion, the garment, coming into contact with the body, becomes an extension of it.
The Curami capsule collection enhances the body, deforms it, protects it or, again, is useless to it because it testifies to its degree zero, that is, its being naked.
Returning to slowness, perhaps even boredom, could be the beginning of the cure to the world’s ills.