Francesco Paolo Incantalupo

Stefano Cipolla, Emanuele Frascà

Data Trip is an experimental project that combines different approaches of data visualization.
The design basis follows the influences of data humanism and investigates the emotions experienced during a trip to the United States, attempting to rationalize the experience and map it in a grid marked by time, while also cataloging the freedoms perceived in one of the world’s largest metropolises, New York City.
The historical inspiration of the development of cartography resulting from the discovery of America, the theme of the Transatlantic crossing, the logbooks of the sailors, who first sailed unknown seas and drew maps of the new world, created a perfect parallel with this intercontinental voyage in search of the traces of freedom.
Data-trip’s infographic unveils several layers of quantitative data; the color scheme creates a calendar of activities carried out during the time in the United States and returns an accurate picture of the schedule that the working group had to adhere to.
Finally, the innermost and hardest-to-reach level hides little gems for graphic design enthusiasts: through video testimonies, collected firsthand, the New York design community and the spaces in which they operate are chronicled and documented.
Interactive output enables open source and personalized consultation.