dB(CH) – Oltre il rumore

Alice Mioni

Antonella Autuori

Noise pollution is a growing issue that requires special attention.
This project aims to make the invisible tangible by transforming noise pollution data into an accessible and engaging visual representation.
Through the use of a reactive audio pattern, the project provides a unique view of the intensity and source of noise, highlighting the percentage of noise pollution generated by road traffic.
The combination of visual design, technology and creativity allows sounds to be translated into a visual language, making people more aware of the impact of noise on their daily lives.
This thesis explores the possibilities and limitations of audio visualization in the context of noise pollution, emphasizing the importance of accurate yet aesthetically engaging representation. How visual design can act as an informative, thought-provoking tool is also addressed.
The innovative approach proposed in this project helps to bridge the gap between public perception and the reality of noise pollution by providing a new tool for awareness and involvement.
The research highlights the importance of effective visual communication in promoting greater environmental awareness and responsibility, making a significant contribution to the field of visual communication and to Swiss society as a whole.