ISIA Firenze

Design Fiction

Corso di Design Strategico del Biennio Specialistico di ISIA Firenze in ordine alfabetico: Luisa Balestri, Arianna Bechmann, Emma Carpignani, Annachiara De Marco, Ludovico D’Oro, Sara Gervasi, Raffaele Marra, Eleonora Marsiglia, Ludovica Ottaviani, Marta Panzarin, Arianna Pinzi, Federica Sani, Irene Schiavinato, Eulalia Talamo

Mirko Tattarini con Veronica Bogao e Francesco Bonomi

Design Fiction regards extending the life cycle of objects, starting from their conception, as the primary key to writing a second history of design.
The course, supervised by Professor Mirko Tattarini, identified the archetypal object of the armchair as the element to be reinterpreted, for which to expand the horizon of use and lengthen its lifespan by defeating perceived obsolescence.
The result was a series of 15 hacked armchairs with their own light and sound symbiont.
Meta-design was based on three directions: hacking existing models, without activating the supply chain, the use salvaged materials, and the search for an acceptable dimension of luxury, which distinguishes Italian design.
The research project was carried out in collaboration with Mirabili Design of Formitalia Luxury Group and was presented during the Salone del Mobile in Milan in the SuperStudio Daylight, where it took the form of an inclusive assembly of the third millennium.
Each session, supported by audio tracks with their own narrative and created with I.A. systems, features the voices of migrant peoples.
The floor display showed, with a graphic reproduction of the planisphere, migration flows, mainly climatic, to draw attention to one of the most dramatic issues of our time.
All content has been made available in both augmented reality and other interactive modes.