Stefania Lofù

Giulia Romiti

Drink-U is a product/service that aims to promote hydration at different stages of a person’s life.
The natural action of drinking often proves to be unattractive in both the early developmental and developmental stages; this leads to the loss of the habit in adolescence, adulthood and the fourth age causing, over time, a variety of physical and physiological problems.
The objective is to accompany the user in daily life by inviting spontaneous hydration and making it a pleasant habit.
The product is based on modularity and on the presence of a technological part to which various elements such as a bottle for babies up to three years old, a spout for kids, and finally a straw holder and a practical stopper can be interconnected, depending on use.
Thanks to the two handles that make the grip more ergonomic and secure, Drink-U becomes especially suitable for vulnerable people and, in particular, those who suffer from diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
The use sensor technology allows for optical and acoustic involvement of the child and the adult; Drink-U thus becomes a familiar object to be used throughout the day and at night.
Wireless charging allows the product to be easily portable and rechargeable according to the user’s needs.
The object comes with an application to customize functional parameters such as, for example, light intensity and the ability to play music and sounds.