ISIA Faenza

Faenza Mia / In Dialogue

Veronica Bucci, Euroa Casadei, Chiara D’Orazio, Riccardo Giannella, Costanza Giorgetti, Valentina Golfari, Clara Rizzolino, Roberto Serra, Nicole Tedeschi, Lorenzo Volpe, Benedetta Zannarini

Alessandro Gori

Faenza Mia/In Dialogue is a trans-disciplinary research project by ISIA Faenza for Ente Ceramica Faenza, conceived and developed as part of the Communication Design II course, in the 2nd year of the two-year communication design specialization.
The basic idea is to build a narrative about Faenza and its ceramic tradition through dialogue, understood as a relational, design, operational, and conceptual mode.
A dialogue opened between multiple actors and multiple levels and led to two exhibitions, Faenza Mia/Pietre Miliari (2022) and Faenza Mia/In Dialogo (2023), conceived around the theme of the two-way correspondence between industrial design/visual communication and craft identity.
Adopting a multidisciplinary design methodology, Faenza Mia is an excursus that gave students the opportunity to experience multiple roles, related to the different design phases: from the curatorial one, connected with the research and definition of a conceptual idea, to that of the set designer and, following that, to all the communication needs, from the definition of a graphic identity to the development of a publication, produced by ISIA and published by Carta Bianca Editore.
Proceeds from the publication help raise funds for the many Faenza ceramic businesses that suffered severe damages from the violent flood of May 16, 2023.