Fiber space

Laura Del Debbio, Tommaso Teloni

Francesca Gollo

Fiber Space is a journey through the history and evolution of Fiber Art.
An artistic current long neglected, and often relegated to the minor expressions of the cultural scenario, but imbued with profound meanings and which has redefined the concept of creation, expression and integration between different mediums.
An opportunity to give a voice to women artists who have contributed significantly to transcending the tradition of weaving, daring to push themselves to new horizons, conquering space and creating a real movement.
Weave a bond, explore the space, become the artist: through an interactive sensory experience, Fiber Space transforms viewers into protagonists, allowing them to learn about the milestones that brought a past art into a future era.
Viewers are asked to listen, touch, experience, thus actively contributing to the artistic creation by immersing themselves in the feelings and experiences of the Fiber Artists.
A bridge between past, present and future: Fiber Space is a project that embraces the past, dwells in the present and looks enthusiastically into the future; demonstrating how fascinating and effective the use of interactive experience is in engaging viewers in order to make them true participants.
It is an invitation to go beyond the conventional limits of art, embrace innovation, and celebrate the richness of artistic multi-diversity.