ISIA Pescara


Anastasia Livorni, Alessandro Abbondanza, Daniele Furia, Sabrina De Biasi, Alberto Battistone, Matteo Dossi

Massacci Vanessa, Monica Alegiani

This research project, carried out by third-year ISIA Pescara students, was developed in collaboration with FIDAS Pescara, and aims to counter the misinformation surrounding the world of blood donation.
By communicating the importance and necessity of this fundamental gesture in a fun and impactful way, it sought to reach the target audience, young people.
Language close to them, characterized at times by an irreverent tone, was chosen, while the use of media favored ways familiar to their way of expressing themselves.
Some projects use slang recognizable by both teens and adults and take shape from wordplay that can intrigue and make people smile while conveying a strong and recognizable message.