ISIA Firenze

Il Rito: A photographic process to understand tourism

Stefano Dreoni

Relatrice: Giulia Reali / Correlatori: Francesca Polacci, Marco Tognetti

The Rite: A photographic process to understand tourism explores the theme of tourism in Florence in its historical, semiotic and sociological declinations in parallel with a year-long photographic documentation and reworking.
The thesis, through the study of the different elements that make up the tourism experience, proposes a panoramic view of the paradoxical aspects of one of our country’s heavy industries through a never-before- seen photographic monograph, the production of a collection of postcards and the creation of a site-specific performance.
The work aims to highlight the critical aspects of a phenomenon that is central to the national economy but at the same time proves to be a double-edged sword for residents and the weaker sections of society.
The project offers an unusual perspective on one of the quintessential symbionts of modernity, the city system and the tourism industry.
As designers, it is our task to highlight the prodromes of an increasingly acute tendency to speculate on the common good and the collective interest through investigative design about the services, images, and cultural trends that, in the near future, by environmental and social necessity, we will be forced to rethink.