Accademia di Belle Arti Frosinone

LES – Sistema d’identità visiva

Cui Li, Hui Li, Francesco Sarracino (Graphic Design) / Serana Brancato, Lucia Molinari, Meda Parakininkaite, Emiliano Pucello (Fashion Design)

Cristina Chiappini (Graphic Design), Natascia Rezzuti (Fashion Design)

Ciociari. Warriors always! Ferocior ad rebellandum quam bellandum gens.
Titus Livius called the Volscians a people more fiercely inclined to resume fighting than to fight.
Tenacious, warlike people, devoted to pastoralism and agriculture.
Bellator and Bellatrix, the warriors of Les, Lazio Solidarity Emporium, have no offensive tools but tools of peace and cultivate the land by turning produce into solidarity food.
Les Bellator is in charge of technical operations, the seeding process and other instrumental activities.
He is the warrior who experiences productive action with the scythe, perceives ears of grain on the shield as fertility markers and in struggle with Nature.
Les Bellatrix is the body, the physical complement on which the human project as a couple rests.
It is she who carries on her head the concone within which is the weight and content of social generativity.
Lazio Emporio Solidale Les is an association in the making between businesses, associations and institutions and aims to affirm the geographical brand and success of 4 sectors: agriculture, crafts, trade, tourism.
Les becomes an interpreter of this red thread that binds the character of today’s Ciociaria people to their past, to guard their identity.
The intervention strategy is inspired by the principles of sustainable development and the realization that simplicity is preferable to complexity, or less is more, a founding concept of the new smart communities, the smart landscapes.