Pietro Paonessa

Tania Bellini

Manifesto is ABA Catanzaro’s design project for the reconditioning operation of archival boxes in the archaeological park of Sibari.
The project was born from a need for the museum to recycle old wooden boxes, with the intention of renewing its tools for the preservation of artifacts and in view of a circular economy and environmental sustainability.
Manifesto is a stool and bench set that rethinks the now discarded material into modern seating for exhibition spaces.
Created from a total of 64 disassembled and assembled boards, the seats are designed with their new context in mind, reflecting what the future museum experience will be.
Indeed, in these increasingly hybrid and artistically blurred spaces, Manifesto is a set that unashamedly declares its product intentions.
Playing on the confusion that more and more people experience in recognizing what is a work of art and what is not, the chairs are simply that, two objects, two products that are created to be used, explicitly stating so.
Indeed, to customize an intentionally simplistic design text elements on the back and seat of the stool and bench have been added, two loud statements that reassure and invite interaction.
Playing off memories and feelings, the use of text creates cross-references with handwritten notes, preserved and now decorative, dating back to the original use of the boxes.