Tiziano Pascolini

Giulia Romiti

Orion is a product-service intended for the fourth age and particularly for people with disabilities, vulnerable people and their caregivers, who have to carry out their daily activities within the home.
Orion is designed to address the caregiver’s need to monitor and manage the health status and any chronic therapies of their patient and facilitate their organization.
But Orion also serves to grant greater autonomy to the person with a disability all through their daily life activities.
The project envisions a family of modular objects connected to each other but with distinct functions: a digital assistant with a touchscreen, a speaker for voice assistance, a camera for remote video assistance, a dispenser programmed for dispensing pill therapy, and a smartwatch for monitoring vital parameters, self-diagnosis, and control available also for family members who are distant from the person themselves.
The Orion family of products is supported by a service that involves interaction of the various devices with pharmacies and convenience stores in the area, but Orion products also connect with primary care physicians and specialists who can provide ongoing care and primary access to emergency services.
Because of its scalable size, the project is open to multiple future development opportunities that can employ service design and product technology development to make the lives of the most vulnerable people better and easier.