Accademia di Belle Arti Macerata

Perturbamenti. Il limite dello stereotipo

Ernesta Moramarco

Simona Castellani

The thesis project Perturbations aims to show the power of images and words around stereotyping and discrimination.
The analysis conducted revealed one of humanity’s most widespread and deep-rooted fears: diversity.
After cataloging the victims of discrimination, i.e., minorities, the research was based on actual news events that featured hate speech, trying to show how this fear is externalized.
The research carried out, historically, etymologically, psychologically and anthropologically, has been helpful in coming to understand that, since time immemorial, everyone has set a limit, often identified in the fear of the unknown, which breeds fear and hatred.
In some cases, the mere presence of a boundary causes humans to choose the benefits of security over the risks of freedom.
The harshness of the words and events identified shows without censorship the cynicism of society, with the aim of disturbing the reader so that inner reflection is possible.
To open Perturbations is to have the courage to look at what is happening around us, without looking the other way.
A fanzine was chosen as the medium, made in A4 size with fluo collage paper of about 120 gr/m², bound with staples, subsequently placed in a vacuum in order to represent that limit which, only once crossed, can enrich us and make us aware.