Gruppo di 24 studenti selezionati all'interno del Dipartimento del Design

Mascia Ignazi, Simona Castellani, Francesca Cecarini, Simone Pirro, Gloria Biribei, Daniela Leoni

The WOW House is a multidisciplinary project of the design department of the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts, unveiled last July 2023.
Interior, fashion, light and graphic design students, led by curator and international design expert Tony Chambers, explored the concept of the home of the future and its evolution, made necessary by changing human needs.
Design today has a great social responsibility: that of devising and designing eco-spaces, making use of sustainable solutions, materials and processes that safeguard the environment and help spread an increasingly strong awareness of environmental issues.
The WOW House is thus an innovative vision of a sustainable living environment designed to foster sharing, exchange and enjoyment.
An aggregating, surprising and energetic space in which collaboration creates the ideal context for creativity.
Inclusiveness, sharing, reuse, transformation, transparency, natural light, organic forms, innovative materials- these are some of the concepts behind the study.
The study stems from the identification of a key element as a design thread: the rope.
Rope can be likened to the human body: with its flexibility it is capable of enclosing a soul; rope evolves and mutates, sustains, entertains, draws patterns, creates connections.
With its fluidity, the rope connects and unites interior, graphic, light and fashion design into a unicum.