Gianluigi Sorrentino

Maddalena Marciano

​​The Smorfia associates the number 36 with castanets.
The castanets are an instrument of Spanish origin that has also found fertile ground in the Neapolitan tradition.
Of course, it is not all that common to dream of castanets; so it is good to remember that this number is the one to bet on even in cases where a flamenco dancer or a Spanish figure in general enters the scene, or whenever a Spanish detail touches our dreams in a more or less important way.
Think, for example, of a Spanish locale, a detail, a touch of style that refers precisely to the Iberian Peninsula, or a trip to Spain real or otherwise imagined, or experienced through the stories of others.
However, castanets and Spain are not the only meanings that the Smorfia associates with this number.
Indeed, a number of minor or secondary meanings are juxtaposed with the main meaning: 36 can also be associated with shoe buckles, a silver chalice, a helmet made of leather, or with certain actions such as educating or cutting off the head.