Accademia di Belle Arti Macerata

W.O.M.A. Women of Modern Africa

Studenti della Scuola del Design - Interior

Mascia Ignazi

Kaira Looro is one of the most important international architecture competitions, open individually to students and young architects and focusing on the themes of humanitarian architecture for emergencies and development.
Second-year interior design students participated in the competition focusing on themes such as rural development, sustainability and reducing inequality.
The contest aimed to design a Women’s House on the African continent through symbolic, ecological architecture inspired by local traditions, aimed at promoting gender equality and eliminating discrimination.
The W.O.M.A. project is an organic structure that embraces women’s daily activities: using local and eco- sustainable materials, it offers indoor and outdoor spaces separated by thatched porch made of hay and bamboo cane.
The roof follows the flowing shapes of the concrete walls, creating an original and functional design that adopts a cracking system to provide relief from high temperatures and encourage the entry of natural light.
The bonfire area in the center of the agora promotes interaction and sharing.
Internally, the facility is flexible, adapting to various needs, from work to health care and dormitory.