ISIA Firenze

We are all Electra

Alessandra Benfatto, Maria Pia Cilenti, Rebecca De Toma, Marco Midun, Ludovica Mosconi, Asia Neri, Martina Ugolini

Prof. Maurizio Galluzzo (coordinamento ISIA Firenze), Prof. Francesco Fumelli (ISIA Firenze - Direttore), Prof.ssa Francesca Bianchi (UNISI - Referente scientifica progetto GEM), Dott.ssa Gozde Yildiz (UNISI - Assegnista di Ricerca), Prof. Carlo Orefice (UNISI), Prof. Sebastiano Roberto (UNISI), Prof. Mario Giampaolo (UNISI)

We are all Electra is a research project on the historical archive of the former Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Arezzo, carried out by male and female students of ISIA Florence for the publication of an editorial and the creation of an exhibition.
The project, born during ISIA Florence’s Urban Regeneration workshop, as part of GEM, genius loci, memory, identity: realizing a cultural garrison in Pionta Park, entrusts the contributions of authors with the task of questioning the identity of a marginal place, of inheriting its memory in order to rework it through new codes and languages.
The story of Adalgisa Conti, who was interned within the facility from 1913 to 1983, plays a crucial role in the development of the content as it embodies the stigma of women’s psychological disorders and the more contemporary issues of mental health and women’s role in society.
The storytelling devised by male and female students is traversed by the reinterpretation of the mythological figure of Electra as the genius loci of the Palazzina delle Donne of the former Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Arezzo: Electra is the guardian, the one who takes care of her daughters, the tutelary deity of those nonconforming subjectivities who struggle for their own self-determination.
Elettra and Adalgisa Conti are icons, symbols, and stories to be made known in order to question marginality, regeneration of place, and the vindication of women’s social roles.