Universidad Austral

We are an Argentine university with a regional vocation in Latin America and we propose to change the social reality of the environment that surrounds us
Through our own university work (teaching, research and transfer), we want to train excellent professionals with a great commitment to social transformation and, at the same time, with an enormous conviction to be better people as an engine of change.
Our view is to promote consistent, free and creative people with a critical spirit, capable of embodying change through design.
Our mission is to promote a transformative experience of transdisciplinary learning linked to each environment, integrating experts from different fields to form a heterogeneous and collaborative plot, triggering innovation.
Our values are:
research, exchange and work community for social innovation;
environmental sustainability and sustainable development;
integrality, organicity and permeability;
internationality career goals training of the person;
search and transmit the truth in freedom and coexistence;
know and promote different languages to strengthen the transdisciplinary passage;
enhance the space maker or fab lab experience in flexible spaces;
enhance feedback between formal training bodies, knowledge communities and innovation platforms;
relationship with the environment;
develop strategic visions: state, companies, organizations in the third sector.


Ignacio Trossero, Bachelor of Communications, Master candidate; Colaboradores:Lucía Frugoli, Clara López Fagiano, Juan Ferrari, Sofía Deleonardis, Milena Briones, Sophie Bourel,María Belén Castro Correa, Victoria Estevez Junco, Lucila Maglione, Stefano Leandro CarluccioWallis, Constanza Barattini Dopaso, Ezequiel César Inzaghi.

Ignacio Trossero, Bachelor of Communications, Master candidate