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AI Contact

Alessandra Mezzabarba

Relatore: Simone Paternich, Correlatrice esterna: Ing. Viviana Paolini

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) is among the most frequent and chronic nocturnal respiratory conditions.
Often underestimated, it is a high-risk factor for serious disorders, e.g., hypertension, heart attack, stroke, etc.
Polysomnography is currently the only diagnostic tool: it is an expensive, uncomfortable test that must be performed in hospital.
AI Contact is a noninvasive sleep apnea personal device that can monitor the same parameters as polysomnography completely remotely and in a home setting.
The project takes advantage of recent developments on telemonitoring: the detection of vital signs is done through a camera, which uses orange lights to detect saturation from a distance.
AI Contact guarantees the performance of current medical devices used for OSAS diagnosis and monitoring and ensures the accuracy of detection needed for medical and clinical purposes.
The tool introduces into the market a new type of product: a medical technological device hybridized with a home furnishing object, which not only meets medical requirements but also offers the quality and features, in terms of materials, design and finish, that are typical of the world of home furnishing products.
The system includes an application that, in addition to managing the device, provides a comprehensive database of sensed data available to both the patient and the physician.