Daniela De Paula

Giulia Romiti, Luigi Citarrella

Cube Light is a game intended to help children with autism spectrum disorders express themselves and interact with their peers and their surroundings.
In order to arrive at the definition of the project, numerous studies were conducted, also using the advice of experts and professionals in the field; the research showed the fundamental role played by the lights, colors and shapes of objects related to the emotions felt by children with autism.
Cube Light is a toy that is simple in form but complex in intent: images are depicted on each face of the cube, representing emotions or themes and placing the child in a position to converse and express themselves with both their peers and adults.
Thanks to the technology inside, the cube can take on different light variations that can bring the baby closer and reassure him or her.
During the night hours Cube Light becomes a lamp, which can promote relaxation and sleep.
The product is intended for use both at home and in the early elementary school years, thanks to the Cube Light series intended for education.
The six faces of the cube become tools for facilitating math learning or creating classroom discussion topics with the help of the support teacher.