Accademia di Belle Arti Reggio Calabria

The Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria is a perfect junction between creative thinking, experience and doing.
Situated at the southern tip of the Italian peninsula, it opens out onto the Mediterranean cultural basin, representing an anchorage between classical antiquity and stringent post-modernity.
In the city of the Riace Bronzes, one is aware that one cannot retreat even an inch from artistic training: that is why ABARC combines humanistic and scientific culture, and in its classrooms passion is transformed into profession.
ABARC students participate in a higher education experience capable of building and stimulating didactic environments structured on the integration of artistic languages and information and engineering technologies.
ABARC operates according to the idea of a complex and constantly evolving system, in which the old cliché of the romantic and solitary artist is replaced (or supplemented) by the concept of the team.
This is complemented by a historical-theoretical approach to the analysis of artistic phenomena at 360 degrees and under every latitude of expression and research.


Daniela De Paula

Giulia Romiti, Luigi Citarrella

Giovanni Massara

Giulia Romiti, Marina Lebro