Adelmo Petrucci (con la collaborazione di Stefano Meleo)

Guido Lombardo

Empathy. Overlapping Identities is a research project that aims, through a dialogical and confrontational approach and from a perspective of critical regionalism applied to design, to present, foster and regenerate the preservation and transmission of the memory of local culture, whether oral or material.
Through a mosaic of images, symbols, visual analogies, poetic texts and multimedia content usable in augmented reality, the project connects two municipalities in the province of Frosinone, the Municipality of Acuto, with whose collaboration the first volume of the project was developed, and the Municipality of Roccasecca, the subject of the second volume to be produced later.
Acuto is a town of about 2,000 inhabitants located in the Ernici Mountains above the Sacco Valley.
The book is divided into 7 chapters that expound on a different theme and open with maps indicating the places covered in the narrative, complemented by two photographic markings.
Interaction with the content takes place through two modes: analog, through the use of a red photographic filter that can exclude or enhance the reading of particular visual elements printed in red/green, and digital, through the use of a smart-phone that allows the user to enjoy videos, sounds and animations in augmented reality.
The main text that runs between the pages is a dialogue between the two student-authors and residents of the two municipalities, Adelmo Petrucci (Acuto) and Stefano Meleo (Roccasecca).