UNCUYO – Facultad de Artes y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Equipamiento itinerante para Stand de Librería

Emiliano Iván Miszei

Prof Tit. DI Silvia Podestá, Prof Adj. DI Belén Martin, Prof JTP DI Claudio Sola

Itinerant equipment for a bookstore stand originates according to the needs of the family business Libros Iván Miszei, who required equipment design solutions that would allow them to face changes in reading and book consumption practices, adapt to new scenarios and sales contexts, while maintaining market competitiveness.
The design concept is based on generating a space for a bookstore fair stand, which transports the user into a literary universe upon entering the stand.
The objective is to evoke in the user the feeling of being part of a fairy tale, forests and castles, a fantasy concept applied to children’s fairs, or a palace of a Roman emperor, a historical concept applied to general fairs.
Each piece of furniture is made from honeycomb cardboard pieces that are joined together using folding and interlocking, without adhesives or screws.
Providing lightweight, resistant and sustainable furniture, because they are monomaterials which when moved are stacked, reducing spaces and facilitating transportation and storage.