UNCUYO – Facultad de Artes y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Facultad de Artes at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCuyo) was established in March,1980. Its main objective was to elevate the level of studies in artistic disciplines, in line with the evolution of institutions dedicated to this branch of education.
The faculty comprises four different schools, higher school of fine arts, school of design, school of music and school of theater, which previously was run autonomously under Uncuyo’s Rectorate.
In 1998 its name was changed from Facultad de Artes to Facultad de Artes y Diseño to reflect its increasing emphasis on design as a discipline.
The faculty is organized into five groups of programs: visual arts, ceramics, music, performing arts and design projects.
This change reflected the growing importance of design as a discipline and its influence on society.
The faculty recognizes that design seeks to address human needs through projects that combine scientific and technological knowledge.
Students have the opportunity to collaborate with professors and artists, participate in cultural projects, and the faculty promotes research in these disciplines, contributing to advancement and innovation.
Facultad de Artes y Diseño at UNCuyo takes pride in fostering creativity and innovation in its students, preparing them to meet the changing challenging demands of society in the fields of arts and design.
Its history and adaptation have made it a leading institution inArgentina in this field.


Marcos Andres Payueta Ocaña

Silvia Podestá,Belén Martín, Mónica Buccolini, Claudio Sola

Emiliano Iván Miszei

Prof Tit. DI Silvia Podestá, Prof Adj. DI Belén Martin, Prof JTP DI Claudio Sola

María Julieta Angela

Prof. Titular D.I. Silvia Podestá, Prof. Adjunto D.I. Belén Martín, JTP D.I. Claudio Sola

Agustín Huerta

Silvia Podestá, Belén Martin, Claudio Solá