ERO – Eco-sorveglianza agile

Daniele Silvestri

Alessandro Spalletta

ERO – Agile Eco-surveillance is a service-system that identifies bio-inspired nano-robotics as an engine for change in processes in the sector of polluted soil decontamination. Compared to traditional decontamination methods (with high technological, environmental and economic impact), ERO proposes a neutral footprint soil decontamination model through sustainable and circular solutions.
Behind the model is a European FET Proactive (Future Emerging Technologies Proactive) technology conceived and made tangible by the research facilities of the Italian Institute of Technology, with which ISIA collaborated in writing the thesis project.
I-Seed devices are employed: biodegradable nano-robots morphologically inspired by naturally occurring seeds.
In the ERO system, the in-situ deployment of these devices allows an initial qualitative-quantitative data collection phase on the type of pollutant, followed by a targeted phytobonification (or phytodepuration) intervention operated by the devices themselves during biodegradation. The conception of the complex ERO system involved and brought together processes of design thinking, innovation design, service design and UI/UX design.