Sara Cegna

Giulia Scalera

Aiming to re-establish a connection with the self and the surroundings in a hyper-connected world, the Genersive project, hybridizing generative art with immersive design practices, unfolds in an interactive space in which the user can relate to exclusive visual landscapes generated by the user’s emotions and moods.
Through image and sound tracking, the Genersive capsule produces a habitat conducive to the observation of the self and one’s energies, guiding the user on a reflective journey aimed at raising awareness toward the definition of a new humanism, in balance with one’s neighbor and the environment.
Using a system of cameras and mood perceivers, a transocoding of the user’s emotions into a sequence of algorithms takes place in the capsule, which, in turn, create a visual landscape designed to illustrate the mood in order to modify, enhance, and rebalance it.
Genersive, as Giuliana Bruno would say in Emotional Geographies, shifts the focus to the subjectivity of the experience of space for the social purpose of counteracting hyperconnection phenomena and addictions, a trend recorded particularly among young people who increasingly suffer from sleep texting, vamping, and nomophobia.
The installation, which is mobile in nature, is designed to be displayed in public and private places. The project aims to guide people on a journey toward exploring the impact we have in the world by analyzing its emotional imprint.