Giovanni Massara

Giulia Romiti, Marina Lebro

Life in hand is a product intended for visually impaired people.
The final project is the result of extensive research on Design for All, which has led to a deeper understanding of the topic but more importantly to a focus on the real needs of visually impaired people.
The product, thanks to the use of advanced materials and technologies, is a glove that can be configured both as a device for health care use and as an aid to the performance of the user’s activities of daily living.
Thanks to internal sensors, the device is able to constantly detect the person’s vital values, such as heart rate, signaling them with a special vibration system and then transmitting them to the emergency control center.
Because visually impaired people lack peripheral vision, Life in hand is able, thanks to a sensor inserted into the tip of the index finger, to detect any type of obstacle within a five-foot radius, directing the path of the visually impaired person with physical feedback.
To facilitate the full course of daily life, the device is also capable of signaling the arrival of calls and messages by connecting with the smartphone and allowing voice responses and dictation of short texts.
The material used for the prototype and subsequent manufacture of the glove is neoprene, chosen for its strength and adaptability characteristics.