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Melior de cinere surgo

Eugenio Lo Turco

Annalisa Natali Murri

Geopolimero bicomponente a base di cenere dell’Etna

This project stems from the need to find new methods of reusing volcanic pyroclastic deposits, specifically ash generated by Etna’s eruptions, in public space.
The study revealed how geopolymer technology, with ash from Etna Volcano as its main component, has great potential both in terms of ash disposal, which creates serious inconvenience to the population adjacent to the volcano, and because of the material’s excellent intrinsic properties.
After much cultural-historical research on the origin of the volcano Etna, with its myths, legends and ways of ash expulsion, the aim was to turn the problem into an opportunity.
After testing samples of the eruptions, we moved on to the design phase, where various uses were hypothesized.
Through laboratory experimentation, the team arrived at the formulation of a geopolymer produced by chemical activation of volcanic ash and identified possible strategies for the valorization of this material.
The experimentation finished with the creation of a prototype that best exhibits the properties of the two-component geopolymer based on Etna ash.
Specifically, due to the material’s excellent heat resistance, the prototype took the shape of a brazier.