Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze

Mobile. Polispazio per le arti

Sara Novelli

Sabrina Sguanci, Alessandro Scilipoti

The proposed thesis project takes shape from the needs of a small Tuscan town to enhance its identity, rooted in the tradition of productions that together have defined an important part of Italian design history.
The Furniture City of Quarrata and its environs, to this day, have lost their connotation as a manufacturing district; what is left is the memory of past generations, which experienced significant growth, becoming a manufacturing ritual.
Thus, the need was identified to tell a story rich with realities founded on design, including Poltronova, Giovannetti, Planula and Bedding, written by the likes of Giovanni Michelucci and Ettore Sottsass.
Thus the redevelopment of an abandoned furniture exhibition allowed the development of a project that is structured into a complex system in which education, research, digital technologies and new forms of experimental production communicate.
In this view, the thesis aims to bring to life a new vision of a cultural and productive center for design, active in the local area but at the same time capable of creating positive networks with national and international partners.