ISIA Urbino

OFF Space

Leonor Carvalho, Gabriele Colia, Roberto Schneeberger, Christian Stifani

Marco Tortoioli Ricci

Off space è un progetto che si concentra sull’analisi e la definizione dello spazio di apprendimento: attraverso un’attività di ricerca pratica e teorica, basata su una selezione di esercizi collettivi che considerano le dimensioni fisiche e astratte di uno spazio, si riflettere sulla sua attivazione.
The project starts from the space of Noise (Urbino) and initially defines its approach by questioning basic elements such as form, structure, limits or even function.
Once these basic parameters are set, Off space enters a deeper critical dimension, which aims to reflect on the creation of new learning methods and how space itself can become a key element in rethinking contemporary teaching practice.
Based on a learn by doing approach, the Off space process is seen as constant progress consisting of a series of steps that can have a close relationship with the physical dimension of a space and slowly contribute to the creation of a new perception of its existence and meaning.
Considering contemporary social culture and its needs, this project feels the urgency to discuss some issues related to the social and cultural dimensions of spatial theory, such as the dynamics of public space; the meaning of boundaries; the exclusive privilege of private property; affordable housing; decolonization or issues around the topic of land.