Tommaso Conversano

Enrica D'Aguanno, Daniela Pergreffi, Partner: Goethe Institut di Napoli; Wondering Translators, Napoli

Contemporary German poet Daniela Seel’s verses take us on a double circular journey, by land and sea, in search of the roots and frontiers of the Anthropocene.
The lyric is thus structured like the DNA’s double helix, whose intersections mark moments of identity and simultaneity between traces.
The translation/transcoding project of contemporary German poetry emphasized the contiguity between translation and design.
Immediate was the intuition of interpreting the poem through multimedia technologies to create an interactive animated graphic adventure, in which the aforementioned intersections could be solved through the gimmick of point-and-click, bringing the different paths to life according to random dynamics.
This way, the complex themes of the poetic text can also reach otherwise inaccessible audiences, suggesting reflections and raising awareness of environmental issues even in refractory niches.
Indeed, in communication design, knowing how to translate means making the contents of a communication process accessible, identifying the most relevant form of expression for a new medium and new formats.
Thus, research on the translation model is research on the modes of communication designed in an increasingly interlingual and intercultural universe, made up of multiple channels, media, systems, and languages that coexist and converse with each other.