Accademia di Belle Arti Lecce

SICQ – amplificatore di biodiversità

Ludovica Quarta

Stefania Galante

Urban population and urbanization are increasing rapidly, especially in developing countries, colonizing natural spaces and consequently reducing the planet’s ability to provide sufficient resources for the needs of humans and animals, threatening their survival.
For this reason, through the study and application of biomimetics, a science that studies the behaviors of nature to transfer them to design, architecture, and medicine, a module was designed that is inspired by the construction technique and functionality of the dry stone wall, a structure that promotes the development of biodiversity in rural environments.
Sicq, siccu=dry in Lecce dialect, is in fact, a modular system based on cubic and perforated elements that function similarly to dry stone walls, allowing the proliferation of vegetation, the passage of animals and the creation of shaded areas.
The different conformations that can be achieved with SICQ, which is made from raw materials that can be recovered from the soil, allow it to be adapted to both urban and rural environments, creating perfect habitats for plants and small animals, thus promoting the development of biodiversity.