ISIA Pescara

Sulmona 25

Fabiana Torti

Stefania Agresta, Vanessa Massacci

Sulmona25 is a brand identity project for the city of Sulmona (AQ), carried out on the occasion of its candidacy as the Italian capital of culture for 2025.
Four representative and identifying elements, centered on the letters S, M, O, and A, were designed to enhance the history, architecture, culture, typical products, and surrounding mountainous landscape.
The S represents history and architecture, stylized geometrically to recall the visual elements of the city.
The letter M comes from the civic coat of arms and is the spokesperson for the city’s culture, traditions, arts and cultural vibrancy.
The letter O illustrates the famous local product, the confetto (sugared almonds).
Finally, the letter A shows the mountains and natural beauty surrounding Sulmona.
The project to enhance Sulmona as a city of culture concludes with packaging that, through a simple gesture, sublimates its function as a container for confetti.
In fact, the pack is transformed into a unique tactile and visual experience, turning into a bookmark, a symbolic object of culture.