Accademia di Belle Arti Napoli

Systemic bio-inspired design

Gaetano Romano

Giulia Scalera

Systemic bio-inspired design is a design methodology that promotes environmental responsibility by taking an open and collaborative approach.
Inspired by the circular economy and systemic thinking, the methodology is based on 4 basic principles, namely:
Value of interdependence;
methodology as a plugin;
distributed organization;
innovation and not invention.
These principles guide designers and creatives in project development and in the definition phase of the demand for innovation, with the future goal of generating a productive landscape in perfect balance with the environment.
Systemic bio-inspired design is centered on systems and no longer just around humans, who live immersed in increasingly complex contexts in which all the resources that allow them to live are involved: the system is therefore no longer human-centered but ecosystem-centered.
The methodology takes into account the interconnections and interdependencies between all phases of the design and production process, with the aim of understanding their effect on the system in real time.
Therefore, it is hosted on an open-source platform, where the exchange of expertise is global and instantaneous.
The platform illustrates the process and promotes an informed perspective of key mechanisms and relevant trends in sustainable design.
Therefore, it is also a place to collect best practices to feed sustainable culture in the minds of designers, companies and communities.