Agustín Huerta

Silvia Podestá, Belén Martin, Claudio Solá

WASI, which means Beautiful House in Quechua, aims to transform the housing for agricultural workers on farms.
It is a versatile housing unit that meets the essential needs of users, such as bedrooms, a kitchen, showers, and bathrooms.
These units are stackable for transportation and are assembled on-site upon arrival. Furthermore, the necessary equipment is included in the truck.
The use of WASI varies according to the conditions of the farm and the available spaces.
The bedrooms can accommodate up to 8 people and are adjusted based on the length of stay, the number of occupants, their gender, and their relationship.
The kitchen can accommodate either wood-burning or electric stoves and provides space for a table and chairs.
Showers can accommodate two users at the same time, while the bathrooms have three separate compartments.
The project focuses on user comfort and transportation efficiency, using eco-friendly materials and processes, benefiting the agricultural community of the NOA (Northwest Argentina).