Accademia di Belle Arti Carrara

ZU DESIGN Travel Bag

Tommaso Bertuccelli, Vittoria Musteqja, Shuochen Wang

Alvaro Gonzalez Romero

The Zu Design travel bag is a revolutionary creation that combines pentagonal shapes and triangular connections.
Incorporating high-quality materials, such as leather and cotton weave, the bag offers users a state-of-the-art travel experience.
The pentagonal shape is a bold statement of originality.
Each pentagonal corner not only gives the bag a distinctive look but also provides additional space to carefully organize personal belongings.
The triangular shapes between the pentagonal sides represent a breakthrough in travel bag design: in addition to being aesthetically appealing, these triangles lend extraordinary strength and stability to the bag.
Innovation is clearly evident in the fusion of geometric shapes, which meet aesthetic criteria and enhance the bag’s performance.
Versatility is another distinguishing feature of the bag: Zu Design, thanks to the adjustable straps, can be used both as a shoulder bag and a backpack.