Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna

One of the oldest in Italy, and almost the only one to remain in its original location, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna was founded in 1710 to stimulate the local artistic industries, counting among its teachers great masters such as Antonio Basoli, Donato Creti, Giorgio Morandi, Virgilio Guidi, Quinto Ghermandi and Concetto Pozzati, to name but a few.
From the initial four classes – one for painters, one for sculptors, one for architects and one for art scholars – with the reform of the art education system, the Academy rapidly expanded its educational offer by building courses for first and second level academic diplomas, opening up to disciplines that, while respecting tradition, would renew it by allowing students to enter the contemporary job market.
Alongside the traditional field of visual and plastic arts such as painting, sculpture, decoration and set design, new three-year and two-year courses (BAs and Mas) have been added, including comics and illustration, graphic design, product design, fashion design, cinema and audiovisual languages, photography, communication and art didactics, or four-year single-cycle courses such as restoration.
A fundamental process that sees young artists grappling with new languages and our Academy playing its primary role as an incubator of creative experimentation and educational experiences.


Nicola Matteini

Chiara Cibin