Nicola Matteini

Chiara Cibin

A study on comfort with an analysis of socio-cultural and psychological problems and proposed solution (erotic play).
From the earliest mud constructions to the latest carbon fiber cars, the basis of design there is a need, a want.
Eating, drinking, protection from the rain, flying, reaching orgasm, are all basic needs of man, a living being with a thinking mind.
We design to feel good, to be comforted by objects, colours and scents.
Sexual satisfaction is the basis of an ideal condition of well-being for human beings, yet there are so many problems and facets concerning this sphere.
This research is concerned with making explicit how closely mental well-being is linked to the erotic side in the evolution of people’s mindsets: through research on the power and frailties of human beings and various analyses of contemporary human behavior, a useful proposal for the satisfaction of our erotic and mental side was finally reached.
Taking care of a sex toy is like taking care of a garden: the goal of this project is to draw attention simultaneously to the fragility and power of the human mind,
realizing an inclusive proposal in which everyone can be a participant.