UNCUYO – Facultad de Artes y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Equipamiento para reducir el estrés hospitalario en niños

María Julieta Angela

Prof. Titular D.I. Silvia Podestá, Prof. Adjunto D.I. Belén Martín, JTP D.I. Claudio Sola

A set of products that provides an improved solution to the significant and emotional aspect of elements in the pediatric hospital context, which can cause anxiety and fear in hospitalized children.
OVO is a three-dimensional puzzle that aims to distract and entertain the child during one of the most stressful moments, the medical check-up.
It consists of four interlocking parts, each with different functions that engage the senses of touch, sight, and hearing.
GLOW is designed to relax the child during rest.
It has a rigid bottom part that emits aromatherapy fragrances and a flexible, translucent upper part that guides breathing through a light sequence, leading to the child’s relaxation.
Its flexibility also encourages the child to embrace the product, providing a sense of companionship.
SPACE is a star or spaceship-shaped sheet with a surface similar to a chalkboard. Children can interact with it, making it significant for the room in which it is placed while concealing the IV, which connects the child to their illness. It also has a light on its back.
GO is a transport stretcher that provides safety and comfort to the child during transport. Its pneumatic wheels and other features give it a friendly appearance while maintaining technical aspects that ensure the product’s safety.