Istituto Pantheon

Le opportunità del marketing esperienziale: sviluppo di un’esperienza white label in realtà virtuale

Marco Beghi

Andrea Giansanti

The advent of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have revolutionized communication, introducing a degree of immersiveness that far exceeds the traditional two-dimensionality of digital media.
Using these technologies, it is possible to create interactive virtual environments with applications in advertising, education and marketing.
The project consists of the development of an immersive VR experience comprising 4 distinct mini-games, each focused on a different type of interaction, ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness for users.
The application was designed as a white label solution, a key feature that gives it flexibility and customization.
This peculiarity allows the app to adapt to various situations and position itself in the market as a highly scalable product, thanks to the brandable advertising spaces within it.
User experience (UX) is critical in VR product development because it is based on understanding user needs and aims to provide a positive experience.
App design for Meta Quest 2 follows a process that starts with empathy and analysis of user needs, defines goals, and concludes with the ideation, prototyping, testing, and optimization phase.
The project thus seeks to make this technology accessible to all, in a simple, modular experience package ready to be launched on the market.