Istituto Pantheon

The Pantheon Design & Technology Institute, founded in 1969, is a landmark in the Italian education scene.
It began as a centre of excellence in design, combining tradition and innovation to train professionals up to modern challenges.
Over time, it has expanded its educational offer, embracing areas such as industrial design, graphics and digital architecture, while always keeping an eye on technological evolution.
The quality of the Pantheon Institute is recognised both nationally and internationally. Students benefit from a teaching staff of experts, ensuring state-of-the-art training.
The relationship with leading companies allows learners to work on real projects, gaining practical skills and making professional connections.
Today, the Institute is not only training body, but also a hub of innovation: laboratories and workshops complement traditional learning in an environment where creativity and technology come together.
For over forty years, the Pantheon has guided aspiring professionals, training the leaders of the future.