Achraf El karkouri

Alvaro Gonzalez Romero

Obloo is a lamp that combines contemporary design and functionality, reworking the traditional railway lamps of the past, which had a handle, useful for transportation and practical work, and were oil or fuel powered, with a light corona directed toward a single point.
Obloo retains the spirit of these railway lamps and revives it with a more contemporary design. One of the main goals of this project is to find the balance of weights and the creation of harmonious geometric shapes, both for aesthetics and for ease of 3D printing.
Obloo consists of five parts: the head, the handle, and three magnetically interlocking spotlights, which offer different shades of light (cool white, natural white, and warm white) and have been tested for strength and durability at various angles.
The lamp is controllable via a remote control, which includes light intensity adjustment functions. The battery has a life of 50,000 hours and is rechargeable via type-C USB.
Obloo is made of PLA, a biodegradable material derived from corn that withstands high temperatures. This sustainability makes it an environmentally friendly and certified product.
Some salient features include a split structure with optimized interlocking for better printing, extruded spaces behind the spotlight sections for inserting metal plates, a wide base for greater stability, and a magnetic system for detaching and attaching spotlights.